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Slips, Trips, and Falls

Employee slips/trips/falls remain one of the two most costly employee injury types in healthcare, yet most of these incidents are preventable. When an employee slips, trips, or falls, the resulting cost is unpredictable because the injury can range from minor to very severe, creating a need to focus on prevention.

The resources provided here are designed to assist in addressing relevant health and safety risks, and include hazards that arise from both environmental and behavioral factors.

Sample Policies/Procedures/Programs and Resource Links

  • Essential program components to prevent slips, trips, and falls
  • The Department of Health and Human Services, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, National Institute of
    Safety and Health (NIOSH) has a booklet titled Slip, Trip, and Fall Prevention for Healthcare Workers.
  • Worksite inspection/checklist – A healthcare facility slip, trip, and fall hazard checklist can be found on page 35 of the NIOSH document mentioned above.
  • Winter Safety Program
  • Webinars - Ready When You Are!

  • Avoiding Exposure to Slip, Trip, and Fall Incidents

    YouTube Clips for Staff

  • Can’t Get No Traction, ERI Safety
  • Walk This Way, Eisenhower Medical Center
  • Don’t Walk on By, Star Leasing Company

    Newsletter Articles


  • Is Distracted Walking on the Rise?


  • PREVENTION: Slips/Trips/Falls
  • Zero Slip and Fall Incidents in Winter Is Achievable! A Success Story
  • Will You...Walk Like a Penguin?


  • Slip and Fall Hazard Level
  • Safe Walking
  • Prevent Slips and Falls
  • Under Construction – Summer
  • Under Construction – Winter